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Aug. 19th, 2007



Sorry to have to do this

Please remove ebony_crow and shadow_touch from your F-List as I will not be using these characters here any longer. My life has gotten really busy and it saddens me to say that I must give up on the most inactive rps and account. If anyone is interested, however, I will leave the accounts active until the end of the month so if anyone would like to adopt them for their own use please let me know.

Jul. 14th, 2007


OOC ; AIM screen name change, Kuwa and to the Botan and Shizuru---

All right, firstly I've gotten a new (and much more gay) AIM screen name, KuwaYuu.

The Kuwabara has finally told me she can't use him any more, so I'll also be taking up as Kuwa again. This means for the Shizuru, maybe Botan as well, I'll be able to start a thread if you would like to have something to do ♥
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Jun. 20th, 2007


(no subject)

Hellooooo there everybody!

I think a couple of you know me already from previous games and yeah, I was supposed to join a while ago, but I got caught up in DRAMUH in another game so sorry it took so long. *bows in supplication at your feet* Please don't hate me. D: ♥

So anyway, for those that don't know me or those that forgot li'l ol' me, I'm Flik and I'll be playing Kuwabara Shizuru -- the violent, smoking, psychic older sister of our darling Kuwabara Kazuma. *Pets him* We should all feel very sorry for him.

I think that was it. *Waves!* Who wants to be Shizuru's first victim?! :D

May. 21st, 2007


[MOD] Please Remove Yukina!

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but our Yukina has been booted from the community due to inactiveness, so if you could all please remove odayaka_otome from your friends list, that would be mucho appreciated!

~Jamie, the non-existent mod?

May. 4th, 2007


[MOD] New Mod! Plot things! INFORMATION GET!

Hay hay hay! Just letting you all know that I'm done being lazy! How is this miraculous event possible? Well, allow me to put it simply!


Everyone please welcome Yuusuke-mun as your new moderator; this will be an in-flight service, all food and drinks will be ser-- wait no, what?

Anyways~! She'll be my lovely new assistant~! Please treat her the same way you'd treat me, [or maybe better, depending on how you treat me TAT;; *abused*] and she'll be running about, poking you all for activity and generally keeping a better eye on you lot than I do. T^T; I'm sorry for failing you all! *sobs and draws in the corner*

AND FINALLY. Last announcement! We're finally going to start the section act of our exciting opera RPG! Yomi will be making a post soon to send out an invitation to Kurama, and as for the rest of you [sans Reikai-- sorry Botan!] feel free to hear some more rumors floating around about Yomi's exciting new plan. ;D

Thank you and good night afternoon!

Mar. 21st, 2007



So then! The RPG starts today~! I hope you're all ready for it. ;D

I have the basic plot lined up for now, and don't forget, the Makai Tournament NEVER HAPPENED~! And Raizen's still amongst the living-- he hasn't croaked on Yuusuke (yet). Plot GET!

Week 1: We're starting off easy, and this will pretty much be "a day in the life". The Reikai Tantei is free to hunt small fry demons, Botan will give them their orders, they'll go to school, etc etc. So far, there's no alarm, nothing's wrong, yadda yadda. XD

Any demons we have will have heard rumors in the underground that Yomi plans an overthrow of Reikai for the Ningenkai. Y'all are welcome to approach Gandara and seek an audience with His Majesty himself, he'd be glad to hear from you. Meanwhile, he'll be putting the finishing touches on the plan in his head.

Week 2: Now comes the hush-hush secret secret part. Yomi's going to send Kurama a Spirit of Words to tell him of the plan, and offer him an established position as his right-hand man. Whether Kurama tells Yuusuke & Co. is up to him. Meanwhile, waiting for an answer, Yomi's going to ask Raizen and Mukuro if they'd like to join him, whether they get along well or not, and offer them a share of the Ningenkai land.

Now, Yomi doesn't plan on murdering countless people or anything-- he wants to rule the human world like the Reikai does. What the underling demons do behind the scenes, though, is all up to the underling demons. ;D

So yes, that's what's going to happen for now, so go on and help yourselves to the fun~! ♥ See you in the community!!

Mar. 17th, 2007


(no subject)

Here you go, Yuu-chan~!

Icons under heeyuhhhh!!Collapse )

I'd have to say that my favorites are 8 & 9, hands-down. "This is NOT a democracy." and "So this is... love?!" are the captions for both, respectively. Shame I couldn't find an attractive way to put the text on that way. XD

So here you are-- feel free to use the ones you like, ignore the ones you don't. XDD Just plz credit icontemporary if you use them. 8O ♥


[MOD] Notice!

Hey guys~!

I had planned on starting the RPG up this week, but unfortunately, my computer decided that, after six years of loyal service, it wants to start crapping out. So I've spent the last 48 hours without sleep, marathoning my Gravitation and Saiyuki manga as I burn all of my worldly contents onto 26 CDs, preparing to overhaul my poor faithful Ken-chan and start from scratch with him. ;__; Spyware/Adware have taken their toll on my dear sweet Ken-chan, so I opted to factory reset it and start anew. [Or at least, as 'anew' as you can be with 26 CDs full of media and a whole page's list of programs to reinstall, oops.]

So unless you guys are cool with starting during the week [comment and let me know about this!!] we'll be scheduled to start next weekend~! But if you guys don't mind starting in the middle of the week, then I say we're probably geared for Wednesday.

I still need to make some quick graphics and advertise around, but from previous experience in the YYH fandom, that doesn't do much good. Word of mouth is key~! So if you know anyone that likes to RP and likes YYH, let them in on the sekkrit!! [We especially need a Hiei and a Koenma!!!]

Mod-sama, signing out! Well, not really, as I'm posting Yuusuke's icons right after this. >>;

Mar. 9th, 2007


[MOD] Notice!

reikai_angel, ghosthelper, and peaceandtruth, please go fill out the contact information stuff in a comment to the contact info post, please, so I can update it with you guys~! ♥

[This information also goes in the profile's taken characters list, so it's important!]

Thanks~! ♥

Mar. 6th, 2007


(no subject)

Okay kids~! So far, we have a Yomi [durr], Yuusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Botan, and Shishiwakamaru~!

Do you think this is enough to start out? [Y/N]

AKA: Jamie-sama's top-sekkrit way to see how much you're paying attention. ;D

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